Wildlife & Nature

My favourite subject! I really enjoy being outside so it’s no great surprise that watching wildlife and capturing the natural world is where I am happiest. I am lucky to live in the southern Peak District where I am surrounded by rolling hills, rivers and lakes. What could be better for taking pictures of kingfishers, butterflies and wild deer. 

Watching Me, Watching You

I was out looking at a new landscape spot and came across this lovely friendly horse and just couldn't resist a close up of those eye lashes!

Cheeky Robin

Sat in the local park eating lunch and this cheeky little robin came to watch out for scraps. Fair exchange - sandwich crumbs for a photo.


The lake my partner fishes at is visited regularly by kingfishers. Such beautiful birds that I can spend hours watching.

Meadow Brown

I found a new spot for butterflies last summer which took me back to the butterfly walks I used to go on with my Aunt on the Quantock hills in Somerset. Good times!

Early Kingfisher Gets the Fish

Up early on the lake and was lucky enough to get the lit kingfisher against the early morning mist behind. No better way to start a day.

Common Blue

Such a pretty little butterfly. You wonder why they are called 'Blue' but when they open their wings it suddenly makes sense. The males in particular are really vibrant.

Squirreling About

Sitting in the churchyard hoping the pheasant struts passed and this wee chap caught my eye. Beautifully silhouetted against the sky with the evening sun dappling the headstones.


Sat on his favourite branch watching for flashes of silver in the water below. I get totally captivated by this small, stunning and amazingly fast birds.

Small Heath

There are so many butterflies fluttering about and they are tricky to capture well in flight. They are all delicate but the small ones seem particularly fragile.

Doodling About

A Doodlebug (otherwise known as a cockchafer or May bug). I didn't realise how pretty their faces and antenna were until this one hatched at our allotment. Still not a fan of the grubs though!

Emerald Damsel

The wings on damsel flies and dragonflies are so intricate and delicate it's amazing they can fly at all! This banded demoiselle was kind enough to stop for a moment for me.

Quick, Run

Who could resist snapping these cute fluffy behinds as they waddled away. Not me, that's for sure.