Landscape photography goes hand in hand with nature photography, but it is a very different style to shoot as you often either don’t really have a subject, or you can have too many making the image confusing. I love the range within Landscape photography – you can have dramatic vistas with mountains and stormy skies, glorious sunsets and sun rises or a misty woodland - and everything in between. For me the trick to to try to make the viewer think they are there looking at the same view, standing right beside me.

Summer on the Canal

This photo seems to sum up summer for me. You can almost smell the warm air, hear the birds and the gentle ripples in the water as the canal boat cruises slowly by.

Twilight Stepping Stones

Taken at Dovedale - I went to try and get a photo of the moon over the water and realised I had the wrong lens! Not one to miss an opportunity, a long exposure of the stepping stones did very nicely.

Heading for Home

I can't resist going out in the snow (or playing in it!) and got this shot as we headed back home. The sun peaked through at the right moment to cast that lovely soft winter light across the fields.

Gone Fishing

Wow this was a really cold day! It was misty and frosty and a photographers dream for ambience and atmosphere. Catching (get it!) my partner as he moved to the next spot added a little extra something to the shot.

Snow Day

As I've mentioned already I just *love* the snow and standing on a hill staring out across fields that have been transformed into a winter wonderland is just magical.


Dovedale Stepping Stones again - I like to try and get a slightly 'alternative' shot when I go to a popular location. Sometimes this either isn't possible or just doesn't work that day, but this is one that turned out good (I think!).

Copse (and Robbers?)

I have a bit of a thing for copses and trees and this is one of my favourites. As is often the case with a copse, the group of trees have grown to mimic the shape of just one tree, which I understand but still find fascinating.

Wakey Wakey

Dusk is my favourite time of day in a city. It seems to wake up and come alive. The lights start to twinkle, the day time commuter traffic slows and the atmosphere changes - it's energising and I love it!

Dreamy Canal

Another shot from the freezing cold day on the canal side. Looking along the towpath which seemed to melt into the fog in the distance. It was all so still and quiet - perfect.

Welcoming Fradley

I can remember visiting the pub on this canal junction as a teen with my family and it holds a special place in my heart. This was a calm, peaceful evening and the warm glow from the setting sun seemed very apt.

If You Go Down to the Woods

A bit spooky for a teddy bears picnic but it's true what they say - fog is a photographers best friend. It can change an average landscape into a mystical adventure playground and one I can spend hours in!

Ironbridge Gorge

The reflections of the iron bridge in the water of the River Severn were stunning on the day I took this. The water, while moving was so still and the clouds did their thing to add that extra atmosphere. Who said you need sun for a good photo